Our state-of-the-art Innovation Lab is designed to bring your ideas to life.

Healthcare innovation happens here.

The 11|TEN Innovation Lab was created to deliver human-centered design, product development, and validation testing for emerging technologies. The lab is powered by Verizon’s 5G and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technologies enabling the development of next generation solutions using Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML), and Artificial Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR).  

Strategy & Human Centered Design:

  • Ideation: Requirements gathering and strategy formulation with Clinical Key Opinion Leaders and other end users
  • Direct Feedback: Access to 20K+ person query-able database of professionals and consumers for feedback on product innovation
  • Use Case Simulation: Rooms configurable for specific use cases
  • User Involvement: Client viewing and training rooms
  • Content Creation: High-end A/V system for creating digital marketing tools


  • Design & Architecture: Front-end and back-end/architecture solutioning
  • Development: Hardware/software development, data integrations and connectivity testing
  • Testing: Integration, Infrastructure and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Enabling Technology

  • Private 5G Server: Up to 10 Gbps secure network with internet access
  • Server-Side Connectivity: Validate applications directly on 5G
  • GPS & MIMO Antennas: Load and wireless connectivity testing
  • 4G Anchor Network: Leverage the power of existing 4G networks to optimize performance for 5G
  • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC): Distributed computing environment for application and service hosting

We’re powering the innovations that will change the world of healthcare.

Image Transfers

Providers can quickly transfer and analyze large image files wirelessly and from mobile devices (e.g., radiologists can send MRI scans to surgeons and get feedback within minutes)

Remote Patient Monitoring

Wearables, implantable devices, and health trackers can continuously monitor and transmit data back to providers in real-time using 5G networks

Clinical Decision Support

AI can be used to collect, process, and analyze large datasets, helping providers with initial diagnosis, risk factor assessment, and treatment recommendations

Medical Imaging

To aid in diagnosis, holographic imaging can be projected onto patients or AR can allow a provider to “see inside” a patient before or during surgery’

Pre-Surgical Planning

To support surgical planning, imaging platforms and AR can be used to visualize surgical environments and simulate the deployment of implantable devices.

Smart Hospitals

5G-enabled hospitals, equipment, and devices can communicate with each other seamlessly to support activities such as asset tracking and usage