11TEN Innovation Lab Unveiled to Accelerate the Future of Healthcare

ATLANTA, Oct. 12, 2023 / PRNewswire /– 11TEN Innovation Partners, a dynamic healthcare innovation ecosystem and strategy consulting firm, unveiled its newest endeavor – the 11TEN Innovation Lab. The lab is a collaborative space where partners and the broader healthcare community can come together to ideate, design, develop, and showcase the next generation of healthcare solutions. The lab will further enable 11TEN’s mission of bringing together strategy, technology, and the power of partnerships to enact meaningful change in healthcare. 

Visitors can utilize the lab’s showcase to engage directly with innovative technologies and solutions that solve real-world problems; while the 11TEN team continues to stand ready with a suite of capabilities to help organizations navigate the innovation continuum, from ideation to adoption and scale. 11TEN’s services are focused on enabling commercial innovation programs for healthcare & life sciences companies, while also bringing together industry leading solutions to solve public health challenges. 

“11TEN is a leader at operating digital and innovation programs for healthcare, life science, and public health organizations – and to support that we needed a home for innovation. 11TEN’s Innovation Lab is a place where we can showcase technology, gather to co-create new solutions, and hold events to highlight the great things that are going on across the healthcare industry. This is not just an asset for 11TEN and our ecosystem of partners – but for the broader healthcare and life sciences community.” says James Lewis, 11TEN’s Founding Partner & CEO. 

The lab itself is engineered with the latest enabling technologies from ecosystem partners – like 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing, and High-Performance Computing – to power emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Connected Sensors, Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring, and Advanced Medical Imaging. Together these tools bring so much promise to the future of healthcare and provide a platform for solving some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges – like engaging patients remotely, accelerating the clinical trial process, and providing decision support tools to alleviate provider administrative burden while improving the accuracy of diagnostics. The 11TEN Lab, and the associated 11TEN Innovation Ecosystem has all of these assets and resources in one place to service the healthcare, life sciences, and public health sectors directly.

However, the 11TEN Innovation Lab is more than just a room filled with technology. It’s a gathering of impactful people and a melting pot where science meets creativity. With a network of over half a million clinical key opinion leaders to support its innovation efforts, 11TEN is innovating directly with end users, not just for them.

“The 11TEN Innovation Lab is a destination where cross-industry leaders can collaborate in a way that helps companies meet their objectives while furthering the positive impact made across healthcare,“ Steve Gertz, 11TEN’s Founding Partner and Chief Development Officer said, “It is the people in this ecosystem and the users of this lab that are going to help 11TEN realize innovation together – we look forward to having many 1 + 1 = 10 moments!”

11TEN’s client partners include healthcare systems, who are seeking to improve their utilization of digital & data technologies, life science companies, who are operating commercial innovation and digital programs, and public health agencies, who are seeking to bring together industry leading technologies to solve public health challenges. 11TEN welcomes startups, established companies, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, and technology innovators to engage with us to build strategic partnerships and pioneer groundbreaking solutions that will redefine what’s possible in healthcare.


About 11TEN Innovation Partners

11TEN is a dynamic innovation ecosystem and strategy consulting firm that powers commercial innovation, digital, and strategy programs for healthcare and technology Fortune 1000 companies. The company is transforming the healthcare innovation space by building collaborative, interdisciplinary partnerships across industries to identify real-world problems and innovate novel solutions that are enabled through an ecosystem approach. 11TEN’s mission is to bring together strategy, technology, and the power of partnerships to enact meaningful change in healthcare. Over the years the company has worked closely with many healthcare systems, life science companies, public health agencies, and technology leaders to build sustainable programs that accelerate solutions to market and foster cross-industry partnerships.