Partnering For Success in Healthcare : A Path to Better Patient Outcomes

In the complex world of healthcare, no single entity can provide comprehensive care across the patient journey continuum; however, many aspects of care remain siloed and lack streamlined care coordination for the patient. That’s why ecosystem partnerships are essential. By working together, healthcare providers, patients, payers, life science companies and other industry stakeholders can achieve better outcomes for everyone involved.

DEfining partnerships in healthcare

Partnerships in healthcare are collaborations between different organizations or individuals with a shared goal of improving the patient journey, driving down cost, and creating systemic efficiencies. These partnerships can take many forms, including:

  • Patient-provider partnerships: In this type of partnership, patients are actively involved in their own care, working with their providers to make decisions about their treatment.
  • Community partnerships: This type of partnership involves healthcare providers working with community organizations to address social and environmental factors that affect health.
  • Ecosystem partnerships: This type of partnership involves diverse stakeholders such as healthcare systems or providers, life sciences, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, payers, public health, start-ups, etc. working together towards one solution for improved patient outcomes.

At 11TEN, our goal is to develop cross-industry ecosystem partnerships to eliminate healthcare barriers for patients and providers.

Benefits of partnerships in healthcare

Collaborative approaches have long-proven effective and beneficial. Collaboration allows diverse perspectives and expertise to be brought together to holistically understand a problem and create a stronger, more inclusive solution. Specific to healthcare where the stakeholder landscape is complex, there are many benefits to partnerships including:

  • Increased patient buy-in: Patients who are involved in their own care are more likely to follow treatment plans and have better health outcomes.
  • Reduced costs: Partnerships can help to reduce healthcare costs by improving efficiency and reducing duplication of services.
  • Improved quality of care: Partnerships can lead to improved quality of care by sharing expertise and resources, such as time and budgets.
  • Enhanced innovation: Partnerships can foster innovation in healthcare by bringing together various stakeholder who can look at the issue from multiple angles, combine expertise, and create a more inclusive solution for better patient outcomes.

REal-world ecosystem partnerships in healthcare

At 11TEN, we believe that massive ecosystem problems require ecosystem solutions. The North Star is an exclusive offering to 11TEN Innovation Ecosystem members that provides industry leaders the opportunity to convert insights and collaboration into accelerated, transformative healthcare impact together (1+1=10).

The North Star goal is to create tangible opportunities to partner cross-collaboratively to make a larger impact in healthcare than each member could make on their own.

Participating 11TEN Ecosystem members joined 11TEN to refine a large subset of healthcare-related topics theme, ideas, and barriers into specific opportunities aligned to each organization. Using a Refinement Funnel, the group filtered these broad topics by connecting them with public health initiatives such as Healthy People 2030 as well as input from each member on prioritized concepts of interest.

North Star Refinement Funnel

Over the course of a year, task force members participate in a series of cross-industry workshops that facilitate active dialogue between health system, life science, medical device, payer, and enabling technology partners. They receive a Demand-Driven Innovation Report on a topic of their collective choosing and tangible program and concept ideas that task force members can choose to activate in partnership with one another or other identified collaborators.

At the program conclusion, the 11TEN team works with task force members to activate opportunities for continued collaboration that ultimately improve patient care.

ECosystem Approach to Increasing Access to Care through Digital Care Delivery

For 2023, 11TEN Innovation Ecosystem members voted to explore opportunities to Increase Access to Care Through Digital Health Delivery as their transformative North Star. Eleven healthcare leaders then joined our North Star Task Force to help refine the goal into discrete opportunities.

In its first year, the North Star Program provided incredibly powerful results for both participants and future healthcare outcomes. The collective power of the task force magnifies any level of progress that could be made alone in the same period of time. By the end of the North Star Program, 11TEN, along with the participating task force members, identified 3 actionable opportunities to continue developing ecosystem solutions to ecosystem problems. These continued efforts include:  

  1. Faster Access to Care through Prior Authorization Automation
  2. Better Access to Care through Equitable AI Initiatives
  3. Earlier Access to Care through Genetic Screening for Cancer Diagnosis

To learn more about the 2023 North Star program, click here.

THe future of healthcare ecosystem solutions

While ecosystem partnerships can have a significant impact on patient care, building the right partnerships is challenging and requires shared understanding of the problem, aligned incentives, and a desire to activate together.

There are several key trends that are likely to shape the future of healthcare partnerships:

  • Greater focus on patient outcomes rather than just cost reduction
  • Increased involvement of patients (end-users) within the process
  • Proactive care and wellness plans versus reactive care and treatment plans
  • Increased interest in involvement from traditionally non-healthcare focused organizations – ie. technology and retail

As the healthcare landscape continues to require innovative solutions, collaboration among diverse players becomes increasingly more important especially as nontraditional healthcare players are now stepping up and becoming major influences within the industry.

Collaboration with the right partners brings together diverse perspectives that can create a more well-rounded, innovative solutions to truly address challenges like access to care and improving patient outcomes.

11TEN’s Role in Healthcare Partnerships

The foundation of 11TEN is truly based on the power of partnerships, so much so that it is built into our name, 1+1=10. Through our ecosystem model, members gain access to collaborative opportunities, like the North Star Program, and share unique insights to form impactful partnerships in healthcare.

By working together, we truly have the ability to transform the future of healthcare. If you’re ready to learn more about how the 11TEN Ecosystem can enhance your partnership potential , contact us today.